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If you are caring for an elderly individual in need of health monitoring, companionship, physical, and cognitive stimulation or with memory loss, we are here to help them—and you!

Founded in 1986, Senior Adult Activities Centers’ goal is to provide life enriching, affordable adult day care services to meet the needs of participants and their caregivers. We provide a safe, secure environment for social engagement, and activities that reduce isolation and loneliness for the participants. For the caregivers, we offer a welcome respite with counseling and support services available.

The Adult Day Center is located at the Norristown Senior Center. The Center is open five days a week from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., except on legal holidays. Participants may attend any number of days according to their needs.

The Adult Day Center offers adults, within a group setting, a variety of services in a supportive environment. This program is designed for adults who can benefit from structured activities and one-to-one attention.
Our facility is bright and spacious with easy access. The Center provides an active on-site program that enriches the participant socially, emotionally and physically. We offer an individualized plan of care to meet the needs of each participant.

Members attend on a scheduled basis and participate in the following activities:
  • Daily: Socialization, recreation, nutritious meals and snacks, personal care, exercise and relaxation.
  • Weekly: Musicians, sing-alongs, crafts, games and discussions.
  • Monthly: Intergenerational activities, art therapy, pet therapy, cooking, parties and social events.
The Adult Day Center Programs contribute to a richer more enjoyable life through better physical and emotional health. Program participants are given social opportunities, which encourage their independence and interest in community life. In addition, support, education and respite are offered for families and other caregivers.
Adult Day Care is appropriate for:
  • Those who are physically impaired;
  • Stroke victims;
  • Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease;
  • Individuals with age-related diseases such as dementia.
Transportation to Adult Day Care may be provided by Transnet, family members or friends.

For more information, please contact Larry Reed at 610.275.1960.

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