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Boomer U at Ambler SAAC provides a welcoming place where baby boomers and the boomer-minded can discover a variety of resources to volunteer, pursue civic engagement, re-career and find employment, as well as engage in lifelong learning, embark on healthy lifestyles and enjoy social connections in a community for all ages.

Boomer U's mission is to create and cultivate opportunities that empower boomers to think differently and more creatively than previous generations about mid-life options and provide a catalyst for action. Boomer U will provide the resources and connections for people in midlife to rediscover who they are and what they want to do in their "bonus years" —the 30 years beyond what is considered traditional "retirement."

Boomer U is designed to respond to the unique aging trends of boomers and assist them with the transition to another life stage—that of meaningful retirement and individual renewal.

Boomer U Programs and Events

Boomer U programs are geared toward baby boomers, but all are welcome.

(Advance registration required for all events. Mail checks payable to SAAC, 45 Forest Ave, Ambler, PA 19002 attn: Boomer U)

Boomer U is under renovation. Check back in four weeks.

Call 215.619.8863 or email us at boomeru@montcosaac.com to register for all of the above classes and presentations. Providing education for grown-ups. Program suggestions welcome.

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